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Book a Reading

Book your psychic reading! I use multiple tools as I feel called during your reading, including tarot and oracle cards, pendulum, bones and stones, and good old intuition. I am currently offering in-person and "email readings" which are typed up and can be sent to you through email or Facebook messenger. I am not currently reading at a set location, but am able to meet for in-person appointments in public settings, such as a coffee shop or park. I will also be popping up in and around the KC area this fall. On days I'm set up, it will be listed at the top of this page with hours and location.


1 hour - $100
1/2 hour - $60
Mini - $30

Book Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive coaching packages are designed to help you work through issues that may take more time than we have in a single reading.

Over the course of our sessions, we will use a mixture of the tools I use for readings, reiki and energy work, spell work, and personalized exercises and activities tailored to you and the issues you are currently working on.

Coaching is available in-person, through email, or though video appointments. Sessions are weekly (4 sessions per month) and last approximately one hour.


1 month package - $400 ($100/session)

2 month package - $720 ($90/session)

3 month package - $960 ($80/session)

Spell Work

Spells are an incredibly powerful way to manifest your wishes and desires and the possibilities are endless. Love, money, and protection are some of the most commonly requested spells but I specialize at and enjoy creating spells to help my clients with all types of issues.  

There are many components to spell work and each spell is tailored to the individual and their needs. I am also available to work with you on casting your own spell if you so desire, although the scope of these spells will be more limited to ensure your safety.


There is a wide range of cost when it comes to spellwork. Spells can range anywhere from $300 to $1,200 depending on the issue at hand, how long the spell will take, and the intensity and energy it will require. Some spells can be done in an evening, while others require tending multiple times a day throughout a half or full moon cycle. With the latter, I am unable to take any other work during that time, as I will be devoting all my energies to your magickal working.

Please send me a message with information on what you are seeking for a quote or to set up an appointment for a consultation.

Energy Clearings

One of the most common issues I see is unclean energy space in people's homes. Your home is a space for you to relax, recharge, and rest. It's really hard to do that if your space is filled with chaotic, negative, or even stagnant energy.

Energy clearings can be done in any space you are frequently in, including your home, car, place of business, man cave, she shed, or anywhere else. I typically use, sage when clearing, but alternatives are available for those with a smoke sensitivity.


Most spaces - $100
There may be additional charges for larger spaces and buildings

Hauntings and Disturbances

Spirits are all around us, including in many homes. For the most part, spiritual activity goes unnoticed or, even if noticed, isn't problematic. However, at times we come across spirits who are unhappy, scared, or angry, spaces with vortexes, or spaces with energies that have been imprinted in them.

During a visit for a haunting, I will come to your space and determine what you are dealing with and how best to resolve the issue. This often takes more than one visit because every situation is different and calls for different tools and action. In some cases - for example, a spirit just needs help crossing over, I may be able to remedy the situation in one visit.


First visit - $150
Subsequent visits vary

Magickal Products


Reiki and Energy Work

Reiki is an energy healing technique that originated in Japan and is used world wide today to help with energetic balancing and to relieve mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical distress.

I also use various other techniques such as smudging, crystal healing, color therapy, and sound healing at the client's request.

During a reiki or energy healing session, we will first discuss any issues you would like to focus on, after which I will ask you to sit or lie in a comfortable position and relax while I channel energy to you. We will have time at the end of the session to discuss anything that came up during the session and make sure you are grounded before you leave.


1 hour - $150
1/2 hour - $75
Mini - $40


I currently have one mentoring spot available to work one-on-one with individuals who want to learn about any of the work I practice. These spots are limited as they can be very time intensive. During your consultation, we will discuss your goals and interests to see if we would be a good fit.


Rates for mentoring vary depending on the need of the individual.

Classes, Workshops, Parties, and Events

Check out my Courses page for online classes and workshops or The Local Witch Facebook page for in-person events.

If you would like to host a class or workshop, or would like to have me work at your party or event, please contact me for availability.


Parties and events:
1st hour - $150
Each additional hour - $100

Classes and workshops:
Will be listed in class info

Mental Health Resources

To know ourselves is the most important aspect of our spiritual journey. We must find acknowledgement and understanding of self to move forward and a big part of that is exploring our mental health. Many of my clients - like myself - have trauma-related mental health challenges, as well as struggling with neurodiversity in a world built for neurotypical folks. Because of that, I felt called to provide some starting resources for anyone who may be searching for answers. If you would like to see other resources included here, please feel free to reach out to me and I will try to include them.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and Other Specified Dissociative Disorder (OSDD)

DID - formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) - is a disorder characterized by multiple identity states. This is caused by recurrent early childhood trauma before the age of 9. People with DID or OSDD are often misdiagnosed with Bipolar Disorder or Borderline Personality Disorder (although these disorders can and sometimes do exist together). The main function of DID and OSDD is to compartmentalize events and information so that a traumatized individual may continue functioning. Check out these sites for more info.

Read about the science behind DID at DID Research

Get your free Welcome Packet with printables to share with friends and family at The Dissociative Initiative

Watch and learn more about the experiences of someone with DID with The Entropy System on YouTube


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Trauma and Abuse

DID/OSDD and PTSD/C-PTSD both come from some form of trauma and/or abuse, but I wanted to add in some resources for those struggling with trauma and/or abuse in their lives right now.


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Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Executive Dysfunction

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All Courses

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