Vulture's Message: Musings of Death

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Vulture has long been viewed as a negative symbol or a bad omen. A warning, sign of death, an image of mourning. In fact, it has been seen as a living embodiment of Death itself. It isn’t surprising, as Vulture does follow death and the dying to sustain himself. However, the negative view of Vulture really begins within the negative view we carry of Death. To many, Death represents fear, pain, and the ending, as opposed to what comes after. When we begin to see Death as a rebirth, as a process of moving from one state of being to another, we begin to fear Death less, and see her as a guide into a new life, a new way of being. In this way we can also view Vulture in a new light.

As death overcomes, as it inevitably will, Vulture swoops down, transmuting it into new energy, using it as nourishment, and creating a new life force. During our lifetimes we will all die a thousand little deaths. How we choose to respond and move forward with new life and vibrancy is what matters. We will all release old energies, grow into future selves, and create new lives out of the void of the past. In these moments, when you feel most lost, wandering between the veils of ending and beginning, call upon Vulture. Pay tribute to your past, get excited about your future, and never stop flying.

Vulture Meditation for Transmutation

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie and take 5 deep, grounding breaths. Sink into your body, noticing the air on your skin, the floor, chair, or bed beneath you, and take some time to really get grounded in your body.

When you feel ready, call to Vulture and ask him to bring you the message you need most right now. Take your time to sit and listen, watch, or just feel what Vulture brings to you.

When you feel ready, thank Vulture for sharing his message with you, release him, and wish him well.

* Pro tip - If you’re worried about spending too much time in meditation, set a timer for your desired amount of time to bring you out of your meditation. Try to set your alarm sound as something gentle and quiet so you won’t be too abruptly jolted from your meditation.

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